My word for 2014: Forward

This year, my “word” for the year was “Progress.” It had a ton of different applications for me — progress with losing weight, progress with developing my business, progress with my grandpa’s health… the list goes on and on.

I made a Facebook cover photo and wallpaper for my computer, which both helped keep me going through the year. Even though I totally failed from September to November as far as getting fit and losing weight, I still made great progress. For the first time in over seven years I made progress with my overall health and finally confirmed I have celiac disease. I also made tons of progress for my grandpa in getting him the first proper evaluation in seven years by two different PD specialists, and he’s been doing amazing. We also paid off a lot of our debt, which was probably the largest “progress” of the year.

So, for next year… it was a bit harder to pick a word. Just in the last few weeks, we’ve made some steps that will most likely bring huge change to our lives. We definitely need prayer for wisdom and patience while we wait for others to basically decide our future.

Regardless of what others decide, and how we decide to handle those decisions, I realized we need to do one thing: keep moving forward. Yes there will be set backs, I’m sure, but it’s important that we keep trying to move forward and make up for those set backs.

2014 FB Cover copy

Here’s the Facebook cover photo I’ll keep up this year. I used “Today is a Struggle” by Captivated Visions… and I guess it’s a bit of a sneak peek, because the word strip is from a new pack I’m releasing on Friday — “Use Your Words: My Year”

Yesterday I told you about how my first round at doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox turned out… I plan on continuing with that and moving forward to keep my healthy eating habits. I also really want to follow through on at least doing a half marathon in 2014, because I’m crazy. I realized yesterday when I pushed myself pretty hard on my jog, that I really do love running again. I’m really looking forward to finishing C25k and moving forward to a 10k and half marathon.

Plus, I really hate how the 7lbs I lost during the detox just accentuated the inner tube around my waist, because that’s all that’s left on my torso… well, aside from my chest.

I also need to move forward with figuring out what I need to do with my “career.” In the back of my mind, I’d really like to help families of Parkinson’s patients, but I don’t have any formal medical education and my age is a hindrance. I could work to get certified as a Patient Advocate or Geriatric Care Manager… but I’m not sure. I’d really love to work for APDA, NPF, or even the Michael J Fox Foundation. I’m just sick of processing appraisals, and how that income varies widely so we can’t predict my income enough to rely on it for budgeting. I love designing my digiscrap templates, but one doesn’t go into doing that for regular income either. I want my “work” to have meaning, which is why working for a PD-related organization seems like an option I need to explore.

Those are just a few of the things that I can share about where I want to focus on going forward. I know that my list will change as time progresses, which I love. I love how much focusing on this year’s word helped me to keep making “Progress” that I might not have made otherwise.

Have you picked a word to set the tone for 2014 yet??


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