Week In My Life – Day 1

Something snapped in my brain this morning when I saw Mel’s tweet about Week In My Life starting back up. I got this crazy idea that since it’s a weird week for me, that I would be able to follow through with the project.  Jeff’s going to be out of my hair for a few days, he’s off hiking around in the Dinkey Wilderness trying to get a buck before the season ends. So, I’ll definitely have a little more time for a project!

Head on over to Adventuroo to get the details on Week In My Life…. and now check out my Monday!

Mondays are usually my “day off” from working. Of course, that never really happens. I usually end up doing a lot of small work – like responding to messages and managing stuff at Real Life Scrapped. Since on a normal Monday Jeff would be home, we often run errands together… then he goes to play video games in the office, and I work from the living room.

The three of us slept in late, probably because it was (finally) nice and chilly — and raining!

After getting a call from a client about some weird problems with an order, I crawled out of bed and started my tea & morning chores.

Vacuuming or sweeping out the guinea pig cage comes first, then feeding them. I’m kind of really OCD about keeping their cage spotless… and they’re kind of really OCD about keeping it a mess. But, I like my piggies clean… and to keep them clean, their cage needs to be clean! So it gets vacuumed a few times a day LOL!

Since we gave away the chickens, I really don’t have many morning chores anymore… just the guinea pigs & doing some cleaning around the house before setting up for work.

Jeff was busy packing up for his hunting trip, so I cut off a big slice of pumpkin pie bars to go with my tea for breakfast. I spent the next hour or so curled up on the sofa with Riley & my macbook pro — responding to emails, facebook, & publishing this awesome interview with Blue Heart Scraps.

While Jeff was running last-minute errands before leaving for his trip, Riley curled up in my lap for her (first) morning nap.

Jeff took off around noon, because he heard from the people running the campground that things were definitely snowy up there and he wanted to get his spot before they closed for the day.  Haha he looks a bit pained in this photo… like “Geeze my wife takes photos of EVERYTHING!” pained LOL! It’s true, but you think he would be used to it by now??

Lots of boring work after he left.

Then I got this awesome picture from Jeff — it was snowing as low as on the straights on the way to Shaver Lake! It was snowing when he got to his campground, but they said it was supposed to let up.  He said there was about three inches of snow on the ground at that level. Even though the people at the campground were telling him it’s going to let up… the weather page linked on their website shows different :-\

After that… more work… and I fought with technology, because it hates me.

And more boring work.

After dinner with my mother in law…

… more work. I actually didn’t get all my reports done, because there was some kind of weird smell around my desk and I couldn’t pinpoint it AT ALL! It’s driving me nuts!!! I’m planning on tearing appart the office in the morning, when it’s lighter, and looking for the old towel or whatever has fallen and started to stink! I have a feeling it’s something from Jeff’s unpacking and repacking of his bags this morning.

The office has now been febreeze’d corner to corner. Looks like my reports will have to be finished in the morning :(

Darn, I guess that means today will have to be finished off with a whiskey sour and some Top Gear re-runs instead of piles of work 😉

Riley’s still waiting for her daddy to get home — every noise makes her ears pop up.

The whiskey sour & Top Gear did help me finish scrapping up a page! Made with Autumn As I See It by Giny Scraps.

The perfect way to end a fall day — whiskey & scrapbooking LOL!  Tomorrow will be more work (BOO!,) more rain (YAY!,) and more work! I guess it’s good that I’ll be busy — that way I wont be able to miss Jeff as much and have separation anxiety spells. Even though I’m not alone, I still miss him when he’s gone.

So far so good — I completed Day 1 of Week In My Life! Here’s to hoping that I’ll complete tomorrow as well :) See you then!


  1. says

    Sounds like a great day. I love waking up to chilly rainy days. It’s the perfect recipe for lots of layers and snuggles. But snow while camping are two words that I’ll never get used to. My husband was a boy scout in Upstate NY and talks about it often. Not. Gonna. Happen. He also loves Top Gear so we watch quite a bit of that here. Those guys are a hoot. I look forward to your Tuesday.

  2. says

    This was an awesome post. I hope your husband has a great trip. Too bad you couldn’t get that work done, and just had to have a Whiskey Sour instead. Life gets pretty rough, right? lol

    Can’t wait to check out your Tuesday post. I hope you have time to check out my Monday post. Have a great day!
    Amiyrah recently posted..A Week In My Life: MondayMy Profile

  3. Romy says

    I hope Jeff will be ok, I’m on the other side of Sierras now, at the Mammoths…not pretty :-))
    Tell him to come to June Lake, bucks were looking at us from bushes :-))
    Romy recently posted..preset smittenMy Profile

  4. says

    Oh you make me miss scrapbooking! I have all my stuff still but haven’t done it in a while– must get back into it!

    And I can’t believe parts of the country have snow already! I’m in the South and apparently think everyone is having 80 degree days right now like we are. Haha.

    Thanks for linking up!
    Melissa {adventuroo} recently posted..Week in My Life 2012: TuesdayMy Profile


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